Must Love Dogs…or Cats and holiday giveaway

When Dale and I first met, I was a dog person, simply because we were so young that I was still living with my parents and my mom didn’t allow me to have cats. Dale was a cat person simply because when he lost his beloved childhood dog, it broke his heart and he didn’t want to ever “replace” him.

When I got my own apartment, I had both cats and dogs, so when we married, we had a blended household up until the time we moved to The Little House.

Both of our elderly cats, unfortunately, died within weeks of the move and because we had acquired Sade, our pit bull, who didn’t seem fond of cats, we opted not to get another. Besides, placing a litter box in such a small space was a problem.

People have asked me, “Your house is HOW small and you have HOW MANY dogs?”

I don’t know what I would do without my beloved Fearsome Four who entertain me, cuddles during naps, warms us at night and keeps me company here in the Big Woods. For me, The Little House wouldn’t be complete without them.

I’ve only been without a dog for 3 months in my entire life and I was so miserable that when we got another, Dale said he was happy to finally see me smiling again.

Contemplating my history with pets as Sade, the 58-pound pit bull tried to convince me that she is, in fact, a lap dog, made me wonder what really makes a dog person vs. a cat person.

Of course, I sought out the trusty Internet to answer this question and found two quizzes. The first one had limited choices and declared I was definitely a dog person. But I didn’t feel it was very accurate as it asked questions like, “Do you prefer to cuddle or be active with your animal.” It didn’t give the option to check “both.”

The second one I found more interesting – almost like those horoscopes that describe your day perfectly, this one described me as a “mutt,” both a dog and cat lover:

“Since you are neither dog nor cat but somewhere in between, you sail through life on an even keel. You learn from your experiences but also have fun along the way. Your friends are a mixture of acquaintances and trusted pals who are equally happy at a block party or on a quiet evening walk. You frequently speak your mind but allow others to share their views, keeping disagreements at bay. You work hard but know when it is time to play and consider a wild game of basketball as much fun as a thoughtful game of scrabble. You frequently enjoy the best of both worlds, which is why you would be equally pleased with either pet in your home. A few famous examples of your type are Kim Basinger, George Clooney and Sarah Jessica Parker.”

Replace the game of basketball with a canoe ride or a zip-lining adventure and I couldn’t have described myself better. And, I’ll happily be placed anywhere with George Clooney!

Are you a cat or dog person? Tell us about your favorite pet you’ve had in your life.  Answer in the comments section and it will register you for a drawing for a bag of your choice of cat or dog food and a bag of treats from Wellness. I switched my dogs to this brand several months ago and it has been great for them. My senior dog Emma’s eyes are brighter and she has more spring in her step. The picky ones are picky no longer and Molly even loves to crawl inside the empty bag and lick it clean. Full disclosure: I am not a paid spokesperson for Wellness, or being offered an incentive or discount on my purchases to promote their food. They simply offered the giveaway and any free product will be shipped directly to the winner.

Comment before the new post on Monday morning and I will draw a U.S. based winner. If I draw your name, you will need to email me your contact info by the time I do the new post on Wednesday or you forfeit your prize! Good luck and Happy Weekend!

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27 Responses

  1. Eryn Raygosa says:

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  2. S.A.B.L.E. says:

    I’m a critter person, the furry and feathered kind. I love cats and dogs. Since I’m lucky to live in the country on a small farm I have taken in a number of cats and dogs that desperately needed a home. Currently I have 13 dogs, 10 are rescued, and 7 cats, all rescued, as well as farm critters. I primarily raise fiber producing critters, Angora rabbits, Angora goats, a few sheep and mini donkeys that guard the sheep and goats, plus chickens for eggs and two exotic birds. All have enriched my life. I’ve been lucky to have many special cats and dogs. The fiber arts are my therapy and the animals are my therapist.

  3. Sandra says:

    We have gone from 2 beagles then two Mastiffs. Male weighed 200lbs. to two German Shephards. Numerous kitty cats. Our last indoor cat died at the old age of 20! She did not like other animals or people. So we waited until she was gone to get an indoor dog. We did so last year. We got a maltese “BOOMER”. I have never had a dog so lovable or so attached to my husband and I. He has been great therapy for my Husband. Almost 3 years from bypass surgery. He seems to calm him down from a rough day. He also can’t stand to be left home. We still have all drop off cats living outdoors that get fed leftovers and tons of cat food. Boomer loves to play at the door with them.

    • Kerri says:

      My husband got me two Maltese for my high school graduation present. Angel and Tuffi had a litter of pups and I kept one, Anastasia “Ana.” Unfortunately, they’re all gone now, but my home is filled with rescues who are loved just as much. I also had a cat, Tabatha that lived to 18, she is one of the ones we lost after moving here.

  4. I’m probably too late, but clearly I’m a DOG person, and not just any DOG person … I’d say I’m in the top 2% of dog people, if I do say so myself.

  5. RowdyKittens says:

    I’m a cat person, but love dogs too. Right now we have 2 cats in our small apartment. I’d love to get a small french bull dog eventually, but I really want a yard for the pup.

    I love my cats; they are so loving and bring so much joy into our lives. Life wouldn’t be the same without them…

    • Kerri says:

      It’s very admirable that you want a yard for a pup, but really, many dogs live just fine in urban settings. With your new life looming, you might consider adopting a dog after your move. There are SO many waiting for adoption right now, as many people have given up their pets due to the recession. Being a freelancer will give you plenty of time for walks at the park! 🙂

  6. rockie says:

    Hi, I don’t have a website but stumbled upon yours. We have one dog,two cats and a lorikeet(Aus) We just lost one of our beloved dogs and my husband and I still cry over it.We got her from a shelter and Zena was the best natured animal we have ever know. Our other dog still misses her as Zena basically raised Sasha, now Sasha has two large toy rabbits that she cuddles this has been 6 months and the toys are in perfect condition just licked and cuddled to dead. By the way Sasha is a Rothweiller and ours cats lick and cuddle her just like they used to do to our Zena.I cannot go to a shelter as I really would bring them all home. I cannot understand how humans can ill treat animals. To all you animals lovers out there, congratulations God created you a good human being

  7. Keri says:

    I’m a dog person and have been my whole life. I can’t say which pet was/is my favorite because I love(d) each one for their unique characteristics. My first dog that I got on my own nearly 10 years ago is Tilly, now 12. She is such a good girl, a shelter dog who became a hearing-ear dog. I never have to fear being alone and not hear sounds (I’m Deaf) because my Tilly will let me know what’s happening and will protect me if needed. =)

    • Kerri says:

      What a wonderful thing for your dog to be able to do for you, Keri! I like those stories of rescue that turns into the dog doing something equally as positive for its person!

  8. MarthaandMe says:

    I am a dog person without question and not just b/c I am allergic to cats! I’ve been without a dog only for one year and that was the first year we were married and living in apartment. We soon moved to a rental house and got a puppy. There have been so many dogs in my life I don’t know how to choose just one, but probably I always feel most nostalgic about the most recent to pass away and right now that would be my beautiful Izzy. But the bright side is that each dog lost brings me to a puppy who comes in to fill the void.

    • Kerri says:

      The worst part of having a pet in our lives is losing them. But like you, I’ve tried to put a positive spin on it that whatever pet I’ve lost, they had a good and long life and it is time for them to make room in our home for another rescue. Or, as my husband puts it, another “doggy lottery winner!”

  9. I can’t imagine that my house would ever be too small for my dog. I’ve always had a dog, and my hubby even gave me a border collie as an engagement present. She wound up costing us more than a diamond would have, but she was worth her weight in gold.

  10. Amy says:

    We have too many dogs and cats to name or let live in the house. A down side to living in the country is having to deal with other peoples unwanted pets. We currently have 14 cats (3 indoor) and 9 dogs(2 indoor) that call our place home. The local humane society is so over run they no longer can take in any more… So we take in and try to rehome all that show up here… Most of them though will probably call this place home the rest of thier lives.

    I can’t honestly tell you which pet has been my favorite. I have a 14ish year old shelter cat that is pretty darn special. Many years ago I frequinted the Shelter in the town were I was living whenever I needed an extra pet fix. Shelter animals just eat it up when somebody pets them. Anyway one Januaray I was doing my petting rounds and for some reason that day I went into the room were they put the pets on “death row”. There in an upper cage sat Isis. Her card said that she didn’t get along with dogs or other cats and she didn’t seem to like people either. She reached out for me with her paw. I almost pulled away until I noticed she was declawed. I opened the cage and held her, she purrr’d. The more I petted the harder she purr’d and the more she snuggled. She had to be in there by misstake! She climbed up on my shoulder then perched herself up on my head and neck. That settled it! She had to come home with me! She was still up there when I went to the frount desk. The lady looked at us and said “Amy you don’t want that cat. She doesn’t get along with anyone and I know you have other pets and family in your home.” Guess the lady failed to see she was getting along with me just fine….I took her home against the lady’s advice! By that evening she was cuddled up on the sofa with the other cats. Fact is as long as I’ve had her she has never seen a cat that she didn’t like nor a cat that didn’t like her. Same with dogs. She stays indoors at night but spends her days wondering the yard.

    She is a real special cat.


    • Kerri says:

      This reminds me of the time I worked hard trying to find a home that would take our neighbors dog. They had decided he had become “aggressive” because he growled at their granddaughter. (Note: These are the types of people who would allow the kid to do something to the dog and then blame the dog). When I finally found a home – 24 hours before his scheduled euthanization at the shelter, I called to tell them we would be in to claim him that day after work. “We put him down this morning. He was marked as an aggressive dog.” 16 years later and it still makes me sad everytime I think of poor Bear. Some shelters are really good, with trained workers who really know animals. Many, unfortunately, are not.

  11. Kathleen Winn says:

    I definitely fall into the “both cat and dog lover” category, though right now we have only cats, Fergus and O’Malley. I would love to have a dog. Our lab mix died two years ago and I still miss my dear old friend. Since we plan to live in the country, David thinks we should get a dog after we move. That way, the dog can become accustomed to rural life from the very start.

    Even though I get misty eyed looking at rescue dogs online, and occasionally am tempted to take one, I think David is probably right on this one. People surrounding our land have chickens, ducks, geese and other vulnerable farm animals. A dog that hasn’t been socialized to know that those kinds of animals are not to be considered prey, might act on its instincts and attack them. I have had friends and family members who took in an adult dog and lost some of their barnyard fowl as a result. Bird dogs especially, have a hard time resisting the urge to go after ducks and chickens. For now, I am content with the cats, but look forward to getting another dog or two when we live in the country.

  12. Vicki B says:

    I have 1 dog, Belle, a heeler x, that my husband found down in New Mexico on I-40 as a puppy, he drove truck and called me and told me, like always, I said to bring her home. I also have cats, though I will not say how many. I work with a rescue group, and I am the one who they call to nurse severly injured or abused cats. I have 6 that are disabled, either missing legs or are brain damaged but can still function, her name is Wobbles, I have a one legged cat who was run through a engine block and is missing all legs except a left front and her tail. She does wonderful and runs through the house like a bunny.
    So to say the least, I have an interesting household and my home is a manufactured home 16×76, so my sf is 1216. When I do have disabled, it is interesting, because I usually have several fold down large cages that can be used to house disabled until they get their sea legs, so to speak, and learn to function on their own. I have had to use unusual methods to handle disabled, you sometimes have to use your head and place yourself in the cat or dog’s place, I am disabled in the spine with a fused spine, so I can relate. I would not trade the adventures I have had with all of my animals, I have had many successes, a couple of very sad failures, but the adventure continues.

    • kerri says:

      Bless you, Vicki, for taking in all of those poor kitties. I have great admiration for people who take in disabled pets.
      My dogs are all rescues too. They all are special and I just cringe when I think of what could have happened to them.

  13. Susan says:

    Both, we have 3 cats and 2 dogs at present. Can’t imagine a home without some sort of pet. Roxy is a Lab/Heeler mix about 85 lbs and PeeWee a Fox terrier. Funny to watch Peewee beat up on Roxy. Two of our cats, Edgar and OC (stands for orange cat) are both 10 and our calico Lucy is 5. Most of these animals are pets our kids could not take care of anymore. Sometimes we keep our one sons German Shephard Rox (10 years)…he lived with us for 2 years as well when they were living in an apartment. Our daughter will be coming for Christmas with her two 4 legged children…so it will be a houseful for sure. So far all the cats and dogs get along well with each other….excluding my one sons dog Floyd a boxer….he does not always play well with others.

    • kerri says:

      It does sound like you will have a house full! Referring to your daughter’s dogs as her 4-legged children reminds me of my mom, who used to call mine her “grand-doggies!” She was particularly close to Emma, our German Shepherd/Rot mix.

      • Susan says:

        I’m called Grandma for all the pets as well….which means I guess I better have some gifts under the tree for them. LOL