Comfort Weekend

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Old Man Winter made his first real appearance at The Little House this weekend. As temps dipped down into the teens, we decided to hunker down with some movies, crockpot recipes and the woodburning stove. I even took my laptop over to The Little House so I wouldn’t have to go over to The Belle Writer’s Studio on the cold mornings to read my online news.

When we built The Little House, we decided not to install a central heating and cooling system. Since the house was our lake home used primarily in the summer, we felt we didn’t need a heating system.

For the winter holidays we spent at The Little House, as well as the first winter-and-a-half we were here full time, we used two space heaters, which was adequate to heat our space. Last year, during the ice storm, when we were without power for 8 days, we realized how much electricity those heaters were using (as well as money going out for the electric bill) and we decided to use the woodburning stove for all of our heat.

It was great for the remainder of last winter, as Dale was laid off and he tended the fire and kept it going while I came over to The Belle Writer’s Studio to work.

So far this fall, it’s been a challenge for me to remember to go over to The Little House every 2-3 hours to stoke the fire and put on a new log. I get into my work and forget about keeping those home fires burning!

However, this weekend, we stayed nice and toasty using the stove. There was lots of television watching, naps with only the glow of the fire and Christmas tree lights, and some good food. I did find a good crockpot recipe for chicken and dumplings, I modified it by adding some fresh carrots and celery for more flavor.

We did have to get out once, yesterday afternoon. Dale had to cut some more wood and I gathered some kindling and helped him get the wood to the covered porch, just before the cold rain hit.

Comfort fire, comfort food. A perfect weekend.

What is your perfect weekend when it is cold out?

Note: Some of you have asked about the woodburning stove, which is a Regency Small, Model F11-00S. Ours was built in 2003. It is perfect for a small space and heats our entire 480 square feet adequately (sometimes too hot).

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25 Responses

  1. MarthaandMe says:

    I love a fire on cold days. A crossword puzzle on the couch is the perfect way for me to spend an afternoon in front of the fire.

  2. Well, considering it’s currently 8 below and the temps are still dropping, I’d have to say that it’s more a normal day around here, than a cozy anything. :o)

    • kerri says:

      I’ve always said I wouldn’t live anywhere that’s colder than here, Roxanne!
      We’re in the teens but the winds are blowing at 45 mph this morning, so I’m thinking we’re not much warmer! 🙂

  3. RowdyKittens says:

    It’s been cold in Sacramento and I love this time of year.

    It’s perfect for spending time inside writing, reading and snuggling by the heater. It’s a recipe for perfect weekends and evenings.

    I’m not a fan of TV, books are my secret pleasure. 🙂

  4. Sandra says:

    This past weekend we got our 1st snow in East Tn. Woke up Sat. morning to 3 inches. Melted by late afternoon. Good thing we stocked up on wood. Had the wood burning stove going the whole weekend. We use it during the week too if needed. Made a pot of Mexican Black Bean Chili. Put up our Christmas tree and put out the snowbabies. Started making a braided rug too. Dreaming about getting to Bulls Shoal Lake to build our cabin in the woods. Neighbors out there keep e-mailing us wanting us to move. Say a prayer everyone that we sell.

  5. I’m guessing that stove really REALLY heats up the Little House. Cozy for me is anything that includes a down comforter!

    • kerri says:

      Sometimes it heats it too well – we woke up last night sweating. That’s one bad thing about it.

  6. Having a baby only two months ago has kept me inside a lot lately. I don’t mind it too much at all. Except I wish hubby could be home more often, and not just on weekends.
    We had a bit of snow here in TX last week–I was like a kid on a snow day. It was baby’s first snow! How could I not be in a celebratory mood? : )
    As for my idea of the perfect weekend… I wish we could be closer to the coast where we could walk to the beach on warmer days, but on wintry days just sit and watch the tide roll in from the comforts of a cozy little cottage; keeping my toes toasty-warm by the fire.

    This past weekend, we only left our home’s warmth long enough for an appointment with our baby’s nutritionist and to stock up on a few necessities. If we’d had our way, we would’ve stayed in; watching Christmas movies and cuddling with our little baby girl all day. The only thing missing would’ve been the chicken ‘n dumplings. This coming weekend, I think I’ll just have to stir up a pot full. : )

    • kerri says:

      Let me know how you like those chicken and dumplings!

      • I finally got around to making a pot of chicken & dumplings this past week; though I kinda used my old stand-by recipe. Yummmmmmyyy!
        Still, I’ll let you know as soon as I have the time to whip a batch of this recipe C & D. ‘Can hardly wait. : )

        • Kerri says:

          I can’t wait for a report! Maybe I should make your recipe too and we can compare!

          • Penny says:

            Sounds good Kerri! Next time I stir up a pot of C & D, I’ll have to actually keep track of what all I throw in there. haha
            I’m one of ‘those’ cooks who really just pitches in a pinch of this and smidge of that.
            In fact…this seems like a good day to get cookin!
            Either way, I’ll get back to you with the recipe that was inspired by my mom’s…with my own little twist. Great Sunday to You! : )

  7. Alexandra says:

    My perfect weekend now includes having my adult children come out to Cape Cod for a visit. We will soon have the wood stove for them to gather round …. it is being installed today.

  8. Kathleen Winn says:

    That sounds like such a cozy way to spend the weekend! If you were to throw in a couple of games of Scrabble, you would have described my own idea of a perfect winter weekend. We have talked about putting in a wood-burning stove when we build on our land. I think we will probably still install a furnace, but we’d like to do as much as we can to avoid using utilities. Thank you for the recipe! It has been years since I’ve had chicken and dumplings. Now I feel motivated to cook up a batch!

    • Kerri says:

      Woodburning stoves are the best, Kathy. For appearances, I would love to have a rock fireplace, but they just aren’t as efficient with the heat.
      I like the chicken and dumplings recipe, but the dumplings are a bit gooey, something Dale doesn’t like!

  9. My perfect cozy weekend? I’ve been dreaming of hot apple cider, a big fireplace (wood, not gas or electric), and comfy cushions. No TV. Maybe a book, or even the newspaper on my lap.

    • Kerri says:

      If it weren’t for the hubby, our TV would be on A LOT less (unless tuned to the satellite stereo). Sounds good to me, Jackie!

  10. The way it appears from the weather man’s view, we will be spenting many week-ends reading, studing and trying to stay warm.