The Wanderer

Dakota at windowIt was a beautiful weekend in the Ozark Mountains again, and we took advantage of the warm Indian Summer weather to be outside a little.

Dakota is our little black Dacshund and Beagle Mix.

She is also our little wanderer, if we don’t keep close tabs on her, she will be gone in a flash.

When we traveled from Kansas City to the Little House, she got away from us a couple of times while on the road. Once in Sedalia, Mo., where she bolted from the truck and took out across a parking lot into a residential neighborhood. Here I was, huffing and puffing all the way. Dale was sure surprised when he looked up from the menu he was reading inside the restaurant and I was walking by, sweat pouring down my face and Dakota in my arms.

The next break she made for it was in Clinton, Mo., we had again stopped to grab a bite and when I went out to check to make sure the air was still running for the dogs – you guessed it, she bolted. This time across a farm field with the highway on the other end. Dale caught up to her just before she reached the busy interstate.

From then on, we buckled her into the truck.

She’s gotten away from us a few times at the Little House. The big dogs get to roam and her big attitude allows her to believe that she can run with the big dogs.

On Saturday, I went to sit out on the party deck for some air and sunshine and I watched Dakota go into the garage. When she snuck out is anyone’s guess, but she was gone about 30 minutes.

She could run with the big dogs if she were bigger, but the buzzards around here that she loves to bark at (she’s barking at them through the window in the photo) are bigger than her and could carry her off. Then there is the cougar we’ve heard screeching, the coyotes, and the bears that also pose a danger.

She did come back, thank goodness, and while I told her she was a bad girl and admonished her, I can empathize with the curiosity that makes her want to roam. There are many places left that I want to see in this life. My dream list includes a New England island-hopping cruise in the beauty of  fall, Ireland, Australia, Hawaii, and Dubai, so I can understand her wanderlust.

If you could roam anywhere, where would it be?

Note to “Me:” What a wonderful surprise to find a little gift of lovely notes in the big box on Saturday. I was having “a day” and that gift and note brightened it very much. You’re the one who is a very special person. Thank you.

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4 Responses

  1. Barb Vatza says:

    Do you ever wonder why Dakota takes off like that?Does she smell something to go after? Perhaps she likes adventure.Luckily you always get her back.She is a pretty girl.

    • Kerri says:

      Well, we certainly used to take it a little personally – we were told she bolted from her previous home too, but given the circumstances, that was understandable.
      However, we did figure out she is car anxious. She doesn’t get sick, but she doesn’t like it, and we think that’s why she bolted when traveling.
      Here it is the scent of the many wild things that come into our yard. Rabbits and squirrels mostly. She also likes water and when the lake is up like it is, she can see it from the yard.

  2. Kerri says:

    I think maybe you’re right about exploring what is right outside of our door. You’re right though, I wish Dakota had less of that curiosity! I found Dale wandering around the woods in the dark this morning with a flashlight looking guessed it. She got away again, only for a couple of minutes though! 🙂

  3. Kathy Winn says:

    Our cats love to dart outside when the door opens, especially in this beautiful weather. Fortunately, since they have for the most part been inside pets, they are too timid to go very far so catching them is usually pretty easy.

    My dream destination is Ireland, the land of my ancestors. My daughter Jessica and I have fantasized about doing one of those cross country horseback riding tours, across the Emerald Isle. You see ads for them in equestrian magazines all the time. I like to believe I’ll get there one of these days.

    But maybe little Dakota has something to teach us about seeing the adventure in just exploring whatever landscape is available- whether it’s a rural farm field or a suburban neighborhood. I admire her pluck- but you probably wish she had a little less of the wanderlust in her! Great blog as usual Kerri!