Little House Floor Plan

Posted November 30th, 2009 by kerri and filed in small house living

We finally found the floor plan for The Little House and have posted it here for those of you who wanted to review it. Just click on the plan and it should enlarge for you.

Here's my dis­claimer: These are not plans drawn up by a pro­fes­sional archi­tect. We did this at home using a com­puter pro­gram. My aunt had sub­stan­tial con­struc­tion expe­ri­ence and made them for us. If you use these plans, you do so at your own discretion.

There were issues try­ing to build a house from 300 miles away and it's been six years, but the only issues I recall regard­ing the specs for this plan was an issue with the cab­i­nets not fit­ting prop­erly. I was told this was due to the sheetrock subs, who did not screw, but glued the sheetrock. Gluing doesn't allow the sheetrock fit as tightly, caus­ing a slight vari­ance in the mea­sure­ments, and when build­ing a very small house, the tini­est of vari­ances can cause problems.

Please com­ment if you have any other ques­tions and I'll do my best to answer.

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  1. Milan Avelar says:

    Added you to Newsvine (not sure what it is? well The mis­sion of Newsvine is to bring together big and lit­tle media in a way which respects estab­lished journalism

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  3. Michael H. says:


    We really like your place. We are plan­ning a 16x18 sum­mer home and need a small stove for cold moun­tain nights. Your stove appears to be the right size in your pho­tos. Can you tell me what make/model it is and how you like it?

    Thanks, Michael…

    • Kerri says:

      HI, Michael, Thanks for tak­ing an inter­est in our Little House. We love our lit­tle stove and it does keep us very warm — this is the only source of heat in our Little House in the win­ter! I will be doing a whole post on the stove this week, so stay tuned.…

  4. RowdyKittens says:

    Cool! Thanks for post­ing the plan. The design reminds me of our lit­tle apart­ment. Hugs…

  5. MarthaandMe says:

    Is what is labelled "office" your bed­room now?

    • Kerri says:

      Oops. Yes. We orig­i­nally planned on build­ing about an 1,100 square foot house and this was going to be the sec­ond bed­room, or the office. It is now our "mas­ter suite," as my hus­band likes to call it. :) Imagine, for the first year this room being our bed­room AND my office!

  6. Amy says:

    Love the way the place is set up. I know all about slight vari­ances! Our cabin is sup­posed to be 16' by 24' but they guys mis­mea­sured some­where cause it ended up being 15.5' by 23.5' ish. that lit­tle half foot makes a whole lot of difference.

  7. Kerri says:

    VERY good points, David. Thank you for the suggestions.

  8. David N. says:


    For those think­ing of build­ing some­thing like your cabin, I sug­gest mak­ing the bath­room entrance a bit wider–a 36" open­ing at least–with room for wheel­chair access. That way, should this become a retire­ment home or some sort of acci­dent hap­pen that restricts mobil­ity, it would still be acces­si­ble. Going to a ver­ti­cal washer/dryer stack would give the extra inches required with no other mod­i­fi­ca­tions, it appears–although I would also reverse the posi­tions of the toi­let and med­i­cine cab­i­net for the same rea­son. Another alter­na­tive might be a shower with flat roll-in floor in place of the tub as an alter­na­tive.
    If the cab­i­net below the sink is made eas­ily remov­able, too, in case of need, a chair could be pulled close enough under it to make that use­ful as well for the mobil­ity impaired.
    Too few houses are cre­ated with lit­tle regard to this kind of prob­lem, which strikes too many fam­i­lies much too often–and can drive peo­ple from homes they love and are oth­er­wise com­fort­able in all too prematurely.