Paying it Forward: Sharing Things I Love

The Belle Writers Studio - One of the things I feel lucky to have

The Belle Writers Studio - One of the things I feel lucky to have

After reading a colleague’s blog about how she is trying to give back this year by Paying it Forward, I decided to do it as well.

It’s been a tough year for a lot of people and I know sometimes the challenges have really gotten me down here at The Little House.

However, when I look at what all I have – our health (including the fact that one of our daughters made it through a brave and lengthy battle with a scary disease), our beautiful Fearsome Four, my friends, The Little House and The Belle Writer’s Studio, our land here, and the fact that we are working – I know the universe is smiling on us.

I blogged a few weeks ago about having two magazine that I love.

One of them, Mother Earth News, provides great information and tips on living a more natural life. The other, Country Living, provides great decorating tips, recipes and fun stuff on antiques, homes for sale, etc.

I love these magazines so much that I would like to Pay it Forward by sharing them with two Living Large readers.

All you have to do is post in the comments section between now and October 28 and I will draw two lucky winners.

One winner will receive a one-year subscription to Mother Earth News and the other will receive a one-year subscription to Country Living.

I apologize to my international readers, but you have to be a U.S. resident to win.

Your name will be entered into the drawing once a day for each post, meaning you can have up to five chances to win by commenting each day of a new post between now and October 30.

(Full disclaimer for my journalist friends: I have written for Mother Earth News. However, I am not being paid to promote the magazine, I just want to share it because I love it!)

I know some of you are thinking that magazines really don’t go with my overall theme of decluttering our lives, but all you have to do when you’re through reading is find someone (a friend or relative, a nursing home, a library, a doctor’s office) that appreciates taking your gently read magazines.

To end today’s post, I’ll leave you with a recipe that my mother got from Country Living so long ago. It was one of her favorites and now is ours.

Easy Cheesy Chicken

Take 1 package of chicken (I’ve been using the boneless, skinless thighs as we like dark meat) and wash thoroughly. Crush a half bag of Cheez-it crackers in a freezer bag. Mix a melted ½ stick of butter in the crushed crackers to moisten. Dip each piece of chicken in a mixture of beaten egg and milk and place the chicken, one by one, in the bag of crumbs. Shake to coat. Place chicken on a treated baking sheet (I use Pam).

Bake at 400 degrees for about 30-40 minutes or until chicken is done.

Good luck to the future winners!

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22 Responses

  1. MarthaandMe says:

    The chicken sounds good. My kids would love it.

  2. I’m glad my post inspired you! Your little house inspires me, Kerri.

  3. Kim says:

    Ooh, I’m in! I like both of those and am subscribed to neither. ME is one of my favorites.

  4. I love your little house. I love the idea of living large while living small. And I love the idea of a free subscription to a magazine I love and another I don’t know (MEN the former, Country Living the latter).

    Count me in!

  5. Fantastic! Thanks for putting this on. 🙂

  6. Frugal Kiwi says:

    I’m international, but I keep up with Mother Earth News on their website. You can even sign up for an RSS feed that will give you their 10 latest on-line articles. Great stuff!

  7. Linda Childers says:

    Hi Kerri:
    I love your blog. It’s so nice of you to pay it forward! I’d love to win a subscription to Country Living. I love that magazine! I also love your Belle Writers’ Studio!

  8. Thanks for sharing your blog on FLX! I’ve been curious about little houses/small spaces for a while now, and I appreciate your sharing your thoughts and experiences.

    Hooray for downsizing! 🙂

    — jennifer

  9. Sharon Waldrop says:

    My youngest daughter absolutely loves Cheeze-it crackers, so thanks for posting the recipe! Now I don’t have to try to figure out what to make for dinner tonight.


    P.S. Your Belle Writer’s Studio is way cool.

    • Kerri says:

      Thanks for the comment on The Belle Writer’s Studio. It’s been my dream. 🙂

      Let me know how you like Easy Cheesy Chicken!

  10. Kathy Winn says:

    I love both those magazines, currently subscribe to Grit, but not Mother Earth. I am considering my own “pay it forward” project, but won’t start until after the first of next year, if I decide to do it. I am looking into the adult literacy program in Kansas City and thinking of becoming a tutor. I’m involved in an environmental organization and also active in our church choir, but those are my only volunteer activities right now. I have wanted to do more for a long time. I can’t think of anything that has given me more pleasure in life, than reading and writing. I would love to help someone else enjoy all the benefits of being able to read. I just signed up to receive an information packet and am looking forward to learning more about what is involved. You’re right Kerri- it’s important to look around once in a while and be appreciative of all that life has blessed us with. Great blog!

  11. Yes, some days aren’t so sweet. On feeling down days reading one or two good magazines can brighten up your day. I love both magazines
    you mentioned. I receive Grit, Country, Good Old Days, and the Ozarks Mountaineer magazine.

    • kerri says:

      You’re right, Mary. I received my latest Country Living the other day and although I haven’t had time to read it, just seeing it in the pile (of mostly bills) got me all excited!